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Project Snowkidz

About Us

The Snowkidz project was created in the workshop of the International Ski Federation FIS as a response to the decrease in skiers among the smallest, whether amateur or recreational. The goal is to get children back on the snow and attract them to spend their leisure time actively in winter. The concept of the project is relatively free, which is why we can find different types of realizations all over the world. first-class facilities and meet our friendly, professional staff.

In the Czech Republic, the project is implemented by SnowKidz z.s. in cooperation with SLČR. It has been implemented here since 2012 and now in 2019 it is taking new turns and directions. That's why we created new themes, where the SnowKidz Tour was born. SnowKidz Tour means a series of events or children's winter sports days, which are focused on individual winter sports disciplines, other winter activities and, above all, fun. These events include World Snow Day, which is a celebration of snow, so SnowKidz cannot be missed. We want to continue to focus on ski sports disciplines, snowboarding and of course cross-country skiing and ski jumping and here to give children access to these disciplines and the opportunity to try them out. As part of the Tour, it will be possible to participate in simultaneous children's races at selected events. You can always find more information and updates in the SnowKidz event tab.

In 2012, we received the Snowkidz Award for the best project concept in the world. In 2020, SnowKidz z.s. made it into the TOP 8 international projects in the framework of the Snowkidz Awards 2020. We will continue to strive for further successes and deepen cooperation with sports venues and sponsors so that we can continue to bring sport to Czech children and youth.

In cooperation with ski resorts, we tried to create children's snow parks, but not only that. Collaborating entities will receive marketing and methodical support, but at the same time they commit to cooperation in fulfilling the main goal of the project, which is to bring children back to the snow. The project was developed over three years, and parks were created in different mountain ranges. Snowkidz children's snowpark was until recently in the Ještěd area in Liberec, it is currently being moved to Boží Dar in the Hranice family area. Another functional SnowKidz children's park is in Harrachov, in the SKIPLOC area. We thank these campuses for their cooperation.

An essential part of the project is cooperation with partners who share a similar philosophy and help us realize our visions.

In addition to cooperation with partner campuses, we also focused on an online platform - we came to this mainly during the pandemic, when it was not possible to work at events and personal meetings with the public. For that reason, we tried to figure out how not to lose contact with the public - that is, mainly parents and their children. That's why we used Martin Černík's Snowboard School, which is available on YouTube together with other supporting videos, webinars and online communication platforms.


Snowparks for teaching children in partner areas


Boží Dar

PAK AC Company




There are various types of sports, but few perfectly combine sports enjoyment and the fun of physical movement. At SnowKidz, we want children to find fun in winter sports activities and do something for their health.
Sport is motivating for a child. It offers development over time, the opportunity to improve and overcome obstacles, to get more out of yourself. To feel good about success. And most importantly, sport also brings new friendships, experiences and adventures.

When teaching, the instructors pay attention to a modern approach, and the children naturally train in the form of games and learn new things in a fun way.
In children's SnowKidz snowparks, specialized instructors teach, who go through the individual steps with the children and monitor their movements. In the ski areas, they pay attention to an individual approach to children and the teaching is adapted to their skills.





Partners of project SnowKidz and it´s events


SnowKidz is a club focused on increasing activity among children and youth, especially in winter. We organize events for children and connect young athletes with coaches and racing opportunities.

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